If You Receive or Send Invoices in Italy, Your Requirements Have Changed.

Italy’s 2018 Budget Bill now requires that you submit all electronic invoices through the governmental electronic invoicing platform: Sistema di Interscambio (SDI).

For Italy, this change is the first step towards a full clearance model, which has been successful in reducing the VAT gap in Latin America.

Nulla vitae elit libero, a pharetra augue Ligula Dapibus.

Mandate Quick Facts

  • Failure to issue an invoice or issuing an invoice that does not meet the XML format will result in a penalty equal to 90%-180% of the associated VAT dollar amount.
  • Issuing a purchase invoice to a client without adhering to mandate requirements will result in a penalty equal to 100% of the associated VAT dollar amount.

How We Help You Solve E-Invoicing Compliance in Italy and Beyond

The Sovos e-invoicing compliance solution serves as a true one-stop-shop for managing all your e-invoicing compliance obligations in Italy and across the globe. No more mixing and matching multiple, costly local solutions to cover all your bases.

More Than a Decade of Experience

Sovos has operated in Italy for over 10 years.

A Complete Solution

Our platform covers billing, accounts payable, e-sign, VAT Reporting and VAT digital reporting.

70+ OEMs

We integrate seamlessly with Ariba, Coupa and many other payment solutions.

Global Reach

We process more than 2.6 billion invoices every year in Latin America alone.

Feature List

Integrate with any ERP

Integrate with any ERP through a real-time connector, automatic file upload or manual import process.

Penalty safeguards

Penalties for inaccurate/undocumented invoices range anywhere from 90-180% of the VAT inaccuracy. Sovos safeguards you from these costly errors with 24/7 regulatory updates pushed directly to the solution automatically.

Full encrypted data

Encrypt data in transit and within the solution for maximized security and flexibility.

Clear invoice visibility

Have clear visibility and control over invoices with the ability to monitor approved and rejected invoices across companies.

Maximized accuracy & consistency

By using the Sovos e-invoicing compliance solution and VAT reporting solution, you are able to increase the accuracy and consistency of your invoices by pulling data from one centralized database rather than many.

Bulletproof audit protection

Maximize your audit defense with an audit trail of any action, an archive of invoice data, and 10 years of signatures and statuses at your fingertips.