Boost Filing Accuracy in Less Time with Sales and Use Tax Filing

Save time and improve accuracy for any filing method in any jurisdiction


It's times to solve tax filing for good

Your team is dealing with complex product tax codes, rapidly changing forms, complicated exemptions and mixed sales channels. These requirements are coupled with increased audit scrutiny and frequency, and expanded sales tax filing obligations in a post-Wayfair world. It’s harder than ever to file efficiently without risking costly errors.

According to the IRS:

  • Businesses without a third-party reporting solution reported incorrectly 56 percent of the time.
  • Businesses with a third-party reporting solution reported incorrectly only 1 percent of the time.

With Sales and Use Tax Filing:

Create your returns in seconds

Easily consolidate data from any system, and automatically analyze all transaction data from a given period to create the needed returns at the push of a button.

Get full transaction visibility

Easily click into any return to see all of the supporting transaction data for easy review, adjustment and reconciliation.

Spot compliance risks

Quickly spot transaction data that doesn't fit an existing return to show where you may have additional filing obligations and potential audit risk. You can also place data on hold to avoid negative returns.

Centralize administration

Manage your filing calendar, assign tasks and view return status at any time with a full audit trail. File accurately and on time, every time with less effort.

Get automated updates

Zero touch updates from Sovos’ globally recognized team of regulatory experts ensure you always have the latest forms, data requirements and filing methods.

Simplify data submission

Get support for various and evolving filing methods, including e-File, electronic data interchange (EDI) and streamlined electronic return (SER).

How Sales and Use Tax Filing works for you

Save time

Create returns in minutes with always up-to-date forms and simple e-file and EDI filing options for easy, on-time filing.

Increase accuracy

Click into any return to see all the associated transaction data, make easy adjustments and even place data on hold to avoid negative returns.

Reduce risk

Eliminate errors with proactive logic that highlights missing data based on nexus configuration to identify additional filing obligations.

Ease the burden

Increase capacity to accurately manage hundreds of monthly returns, including applicable sub-schedules, with minimal staff and effort.

Feature List

Real-time updates

Get up-to-the-minute updates for every jurisdiction in which you have sales tax obligations, all in a single, simple, centralized location.

Automated processing

Save time without generating returns, intrastate returns or manual listings again.

Data accuracy, analytics & reporting

Boost productivity with automatic data additions, adjustments, corrections and validation based on your own custom accuracy settings.

Data extraction & upload

Solve data management in seconds with the ability to extract and upload extensive amounts of existing data from multiple legacy, host and ERP systems into a single interface.